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Published on 15 February, 2013

Small churches help plant churches

USA (MNN) — The goal of every church–whether it be small, medium, or large–is to reach the unreached. Unfortunately, for a lot of churches, planting a church in an unreached people group can be expensive and risky. Now, there's a way to do it with fewer resources and less risk.

Christian Aid Mission is a ministry that's assisting indigenous missionaries around the world. They're making it possible for even small and medium-sized churches to have a profound impact on God's Kingdom through church planting by partnering churches with missionaries.

Director of Development and Church Relations for Christian Aid, Raul Hernandez, explains their new program, Go Tribal In Missions. "My passion is to see small and middle-sized churches going wild in mission. I call it 'Go Tribal' because I want them to become tribal in missions."

As part of the program, Christian Aid is encouraging churches to begin praying about an area of the world where God is calling them. Once that's determined, Hernandez says they need to take a trip to their headquarters. Once there, he says, "They will be exposed to the world, especially in the areas that are resonating in their hearts."

Following the selection of an area of the world to which God is calling them, the pastor will travel with Christian Aid to that country to visit a indigenous missionary. "They will see how indigenous missions do the work. They will see ministry headquarters [and observe] what they do: if they run a micro business, if they have a farm, if they have a hospital, and how they do church planting."

After the first day, the pastor actually goes with that missionary "into the jungle, or whatever is the place, and see how the Gospel is presented."

As churches make commitments to these indigenous missionaries, "Every three months they will receive news from the project.  And then at the end, we will have a celebration."

Hernandez says there is a financial commitment to assist the local missions, but it's small when you consider what it costs to support an expatriate missionary. "Imagine many small churches that are thirsty for action to see that their dollars are being used in a dramatic and impacting way. This is the opportunity for them to see it."

If you'd like to see your church transformed through missions, e-mail to find out how to "Go Tribal in Missions."

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