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Published on 11 October, 2007

Take action against Myanmar violence while the world watches

Myanmar (MNN) — The world still has its eye on Myanmar after a violent military response to peaceful protestors from the State Peace and Development Council.

In response to the outcome of the attack, World Evangelical Alliance has issued a statement along with a list of ways Christians can respond. This list includes petitions and contacts for influential leaders where letters can be sent voicing concern over the high cost of waiting to remedy the situation. There are also websites where people can further educate themselves on the situation in Myanmar.  

WEA says the situation in Myanmar is "extremely urgent." They reported that the death toll could be as many as 200 and cited other reports that claim the government has burned bodies of the dead as well as the wounded. Buddhist temples have also been raided in order to round up monks and activists.

A statement from the Evangelical Alliance of Asia, a partner of WEA, says, "We express our deep sorrow and condolences to the families of those who were killed by the SPDC, including the Japanese journalist who was shot while covering the protest."

They are urging an international movement to bring an end to the violence and transition to democracy. The statement also says, "This is a time that can bring about a peaceful
and prosperous future."

Christians can help this transition to peace by taking action today and encouraging others to do the same.

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