Satellite television is tool to share the Gospel with the suffering

By October 11, 2007

USA (MNN) — Joni and Friends will soon be airing a television program to answer spiritual questions that surface during times of pain and suffering.

The show will premiere on a National Religious Broadcasting station on DIRECTV October 19th.  Hosting the show is Joni Eareckson Tada, founder of Joni and Friends.

Joni and Friends focuses on disability ministry, but the show is for anyone who is suffering.  People experiencing any kind of pain, loneliness will ask questions about why God allows suffering. "We're not trying to give pat answers. We're taking on tough questions from people who are Christians or people who are in the secular world. They want to know why they should believe and trust in this God," said Steve Appel of Joni and Friends.

Tada will also invite theologians to speak on Biblical foundations. It will often be taped on-site with the very people asking the questions. 

The show is a unique answer to a great need. "Currently in our society I'm not sure there's another program out there that's addressing these issues. Sometimes they'll gloss over it, or they'll just say 'all things work for
the glory of God,' and that's not what somebody wants to hear when they're suffering," Appel said.

The hope is that unbelievers will tune into the show during their time of need and that the
Gospel will reach them. To reach more of the secular community, Appel hopes to move to more stations. "Probably we'll be approaching the Fox Family Network, the ABC Family network, things of that nature. And if they carry that, then we would certainly reach people who do not have a relationship with Christ," said Appel. 

Nearly 16 million DIRECTV subscribers have the NRB channel where the show will be aired. 

Appel has a prayer request: "People could pray that this program touches millions of people's hearts, that their hearts are open to receive the Gospel, that they're open to receive that God is trustworthy. He's faithful, but He doesn't always reveal everything. Many things we won't know this side of Heaven."

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