Christmas, a time for THE story

By December 16, 2010 No Comments

I am humbled by the fact that believers, especially in creative access nations, are using Christmas as a time to share their faith. They believe (as we in the west should) that people are dying without Christ and time is running out. I’ve been so convicted this Christmas. What am I doing for Him this Christmas?  Am I really acting as though it is urgent?

The past few days I have been very proactive in talking about the Christ of Christmas. It’s kind of easy in West Michigan. There are more churches in West Michigan than any other place in the United States. So, I don’t face the persecution my brothers and sisters face in Asia and the Middle East. So, why is it that I don’t talk about it more often?

I’m making a concerted effort to look for openings to share Christ. Let me encourage you to do the same.

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