World Missionary Press

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World Missionary Press is an interdenominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in more than 345 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 7,000,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 58+ years of ministry, we have sent literature by request into 210 countries and islands of the world.

A roll of paper can produce 80,000 Scripture booklets at a cost of $1,080.  Every donated dollar on average can reach 25 people anywhere in the world with the life-saving, life-changing Gospel!

Open Doors with Brother Andrew

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The action of Open Doors ministry includes delivering Bibles, training materials, physical needs and other help to believers living in restricted countries worldwide. Open Doors’ calling especially includes the training of pastors and church leaders in evangelism, equipping them to effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Open Doors is a non-profit, non-denominational international organization with 24 bases worldwide.

Bibles For The World

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The mission of Bibles For The World is to be a catalyst for individual and cultural transformation through the power of God’s Word.  This means sharing the Good News of God’s love in Christ Jesus by ministering to the unreached, to the Church and to Christian leaders in developing nations, with a strong emphasis on India and surrounding nations. Bibles For The World values strategic partnerships and collaborations with a broad network of ministry partners, organizations and churches in order to:

  • Strategically distribute Bibles, New Testaments, and other scripture portions to those across the globe who have little or no access to the Word of God;
  • Raise up godly, well educated children through our affiliated schools in Northeast India.  Many of those children and students are sponsored by friends and partners in North America through our sponsorship program, Partner parents (;
  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through compassionate outreaches and medical care for poor and needy people at our Sielmat Christian Hospital in Manipur, India.
  • Educate, train and equip leaders through our Trinity College and Seminary in Manipur, India;
  • Network with and encourage churches and national Christian leaders in India and the surrounding region for greater effectiveness in extending God’s Kingdom.

In May 2015, after 60-plus years of worldwide ministry, BFTW founders Rochunga and Mawii Pudaite turned the reins of Bibles For The World over to their son, John.  John L. Pudaite had been serving BFTW since 2006 as Vice President for International Ministries, overseeing programs and activities around the world, though primarily in India. As President, John is passionate about expanding Bibles For The World’s reach to those least-reached peoples across the globe, as well as appropriating new technologies for distribution of God’s Word.  John is also passionate about creating programs for sustainable development to impact lives and communities in developing regions.


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