How to be Jesus during the holidays

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Holiday gatherings can lead to potentially-divisive conversations about politics and the pandemic. Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries and MNN’s Katey Hearth discuss how to navigate potential pitfalls and turn heated debates into Spirit-led dialogue.

Warriors Set Free helps U.S. veterans

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Veterans Day: the perfect opportunity to honor our servicemen and women, and recognize the services of Warriors Set Free.  Warriors Set Free helps veterans grow in their faith, heal from their past, and win life’s battles!

In this interview, Warriors Set Free Director Steve Prince discusses Veterans Day 2021 with MNN’s Katey Hearth, as well as the organization’s new opportunities for expansion.



Veterans’ response to Afghanistan crisis

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Steve Prince, Director of Warriors Set Free, discusses the Afghanistan crisis with MNN’s Katey Hearth. Prince describes how the veterans he’s spoken with are reacting, and what family members and friends can do to help.

Warriors Set Free is a ministry for veterans run by veterans

David Durance, TeachBeyond

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MNN’s Ruth Kramer discusses how education can bring with it Gospel opportunities through hybrid schools.  Interview with TeachBeyond’s David Durance.

Starving, yet free

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MNN’s Katey Hearth and Dave “Mac” McIntyre, International Director for Set Free Ministries, discuss how God used the History Channel’s TV show Alone to take Mac through an impromptu freedom appointment.