Kenya Hope

By September 11, 2019

Kenya Hope exists to change lives in Kenya through the Gospel of Christ with a holistic approach to children, families and communities.

With periodic drought conditions in many East Africa areas, KENYA HOPE  searched for answers to the problems being experienced by Kenyans in various tribal areas.  We researched the needs and found that the complexity of these problems required not only immediate responses, but long term rehabilitation and recovery for the people.  God, in His wisdom, provided the concept of Hope Centers.

God has used the concept of the Hope Centers to help meet the spiritual, physical and mental needs of children and their families.  Mission Teams from churches in America raised funds and joined with KENYA HOPE to build churches, clinics and schools in areas where the need was greatest.

Now, in 2019, there are 7 Hope Centers in several districts of Kenya and being used of God to bring help, healing and hope.  All of the Hope Centers are at various stages of development, but all are making a difference in thousands of lives each day.

In each of the Hope Centers the needs are endless. Most commonly, these locations suffer from the lack of water, whether for drinking or cooking or bathing, or even for the herds of cattle, sheep and goats they raise. Providing a reliable and affordable source of fresh water is the single most life-changing thing that Kenya Hope can do (apart from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ).  Watch the video below to see how the new deep well in Nkoisusu (in Maasai land) is tranforming that community.


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