Kenya Hope’s new projects include Christian school and wells; still seeking leadership

By June 13, 2024

Kenya (MNN) — Kenya Hope plans to open a new Christian school in Oloshaiki, giving local Kenyan kids a quality education and the Gospel! The ministry already has a new Hope Center in the Oloshaiki community.

(Photo courtesy of Mueller family)

The new school will be named in memory of Dave and Joy Mueller, Kenya Hope’s former executive directors who died in a car crash in Kenya eight months ago.

Steve Holman, U.S. Director of Kenya Hope, says the ministry is still searching for new leadership. “We can’t replace Dave and Joy Mueller. They’re very unique. I would say they’re once in a generation. But we’re asking God to raise up other people.

“The Gospel is never advanced without someone somewhere paying a price. That means sacrificing your own culture and your own comfort and going and living close enough so that you have an impact. So that’s very much on our minds.”

In the meantime, additional responsibilities are being expertly handled by the ministry’s local Kenyan staff, such as Neddy Wafula, coordinator of the Widows Might program.

Holman asks, “Pray for Neddy. She’s a godly Kenyan woman. I’ve talked to her many times face-to-face in Kenya, and now it’s laid on her the administrative task of seeing to it that the cohorts of widows in six or seven locations are each moving along in the program, growing in their skills, and coming to know Christ and follow Him wholeheartedly.”

Neddy Wafula, Widows Might program coordinator [front right]. (Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

In addition to a new school, Kenya Hope is also looking at opening a new Emurua-Osek Hope Center, and has the funding to install four new wells.

These community-boosting projects allow Kenya Hope to begin a Gospel presence there, and they open the doors for audio Bible distributions and JESUS film showings.

Pray that the Lord would guide the right people into leadership at Kenya Hope. Ask God to continue working through this ministry and ultimately lead more Kenyans to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

“We’re just reminding ourselves this is something that God is doing,” says Holman. “We’re asking God to do what only God can do — to provide, to raise up people, and to bear fruit.”

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Header photo of Kenya Hope’s Emmanuel (Hope Center Representative) and Duncan (Hope Center Caretaker and Jesus Film Evangelist) at their newest Hope Center Oloshaiki. Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope.

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