Old World Exploration: East – 10/12/15

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Often neglected on the world stage, this friendly but arid country in the Middle East desperately needs to hear about the love of Jesus. Overshadowed by rich and influential neighbors, it is home to only a handful of nationals who have experienced the message of the gospel. The vast majority will never hear without outside assistance.

You are invited to journey with us as we build friendships with university students eager to have an American friend. Engage today‚Äôs YouTube generation through the use of short films on phones and/or tablets. Through this tool spiritual conversations are begun and friendships formed. While building relationships, we have more freedom to share how students can experience God’s love and truth. Those who show interest in spiritual things can receive follow-up from long-term workers, as we trust God to work in the lives of others. You can be a part of a long-term plan for exposing the next generation to the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.