Ports Project 1 – Spain – 8/15/15

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Come with us and touch the lives of North Africans as they return to their home countries from temporary jobs held in Europe. They flood to the port cities of France and Spain every year. These people are from some of the most closed countries (hard to reach with the gospel) in the world. We offer gifts of JESUS DVDs, audios, and written materials to them. Each piece handed out includes an opportunity for them to request follow-up materials and Bibles.

The port of Ceuta, Spain, is strategic because it gives us the freedom to offer people from closed countries opportunities to receive the gospel in their heart language. Speaking Spanish is a plus, but not necessary. Come and engage people from many different language and ethnic backgrounds as they pass through this port city and give them JESUS.

This mission outreach is in partnership with multiple agencies. For the past 15 years, this has been considered one of the most effective evangelistic efforts to reach North Africans in history. You can be part of making history.

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