1/3 of women have suffered domestic or sexual abuse

By March 31, 2021

International (MNN) — One-third of women around the world have suffered domestic or sexual abuse. This statistic comes from a study by the World Health Organization.

Eric Mock says partners of the Slavic Gospel Association take time to teach against these practices when they encounter them around the former Soviet Union. Some live in places where women simply expect this kind of abuse. “What the churches are doing is they are helping people understand that there should never be violence in the home. They’re helping people understand from Genesis chapter two we realize that every man and woman are of equal value. There is never a time that a woman has a lesser value than a man. There’s never a time that a woman should be assaulted by a man and a man feel that it’s justified.”

Ministry among SGA’s partners

Mock has often seen the Gospel change the hearts of men who have abused their wives. Whenever possible, SGA partners work to bring the abusers to repentance. Mock says, “Let’s pray that God would save many out of abusive situations, and that the abuser would come to faith and lay down their sinful behavior. Pray they would be confronted by that and not thrown away but be made new.”

The pandemic has increased the need of so many people, but it has also granted Christians access into many homes where women suffer abuse. You can support this ministry of SGA partners by supporting SGA’s Christ Over COVID program. Learn more and donate here.



(Header photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay)