1.5 million affected by cyclone in Pakistan

By July 6, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — A cyclone and subsequent heavy rains have
hit Pakistan, affecting millions. 
Tropical cyclone Yemyin packed winds of 130-kilometers per hour causing
widespread flooding, wind damage and death.

World Vision
is in Islamabad helping the victims. World Vision's Dana Palade says, "There
are still 1.5 million people affected by the disaster in 14 districts in
Balochistan province and four in Sindh Province. These are both southern provinces
in Pakistan. There are about 350 people dead and the same number missing. Up to 250,000 people are homeless."

While the weather situation has been stable, Palade says
that could change. "We have the monsoon season approaching. That means
more and more rain, which will not make the situation any easier for us."

At the request of the Pakistan government, World Vision has
joined local and international organizations to help the flood victims.

This disaster comes after the 2005 earthquake that killed
thousands of people. Palade says, "Since the earthquake, the country
[hasn't] fully recovered. It will be a long process. Now you have these other
provinces hit by the cyclone."

According to Palade, even though World Vision is a Christian
organization, that's not affecting their work in this predominately Muslim
nation. "We are very open about our Christian identity. And in my
experience with local communities, our faith in God and our values are a bridge
of communication. We build trust when people understand why we came here to
serve, and to be honest with you, it's the first point of working better

Funding is need to help them with they're nine month intervention.
Food, medicine and other basics will be provided, but she says more help is
needed because "clinics [and] schools — nothing is left in place. So
this will be a long term process."

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