1 million Bibles shipped

By August 19, 2009

International (MNN) — In only 42 months of operation, Bibles
Unbound has sent one million New Testaments to Christians in restricted nations. 

Mary of Crane, Texas shipped the
millionth Bible to China on August 5 through BU's virtual mailing program. 

Voice of the Martyrs started the
ministry in February of 2006 to get Bibles to Christians who can't simply go to the
bookstore and pick up a Bible.  Christians in countries like Colombia, China, North Korea, and Egypt gather the
names and addresses of people who would like to receive a Bible. 

Bibles Unbound makes it possible
for American Christians to ship New Testaments to these people
right from their own homes. Christians
in other countries may use the virtual shipping program to fund the shipment of
New Testaments. 

The Bibles not only support the
spiritual growth of suffering believers, they also serve as a tool for sharing
the Gospel.  Evangelism is restricted and
difficult in many restricted nations. 

"It is often difficult and
dangerous to speak openly about my faith," said Wu Xiong, a former prisoner for
Christ and a leader of a Chinese house church. "That's why the Bibles Unbound program is so
important to me. I know everyone in my village enjoys getting mail and loves to
read, so when they get a New Testament in the mail, they are intrigued, and
many will begin to read it.

"Then when I, or others from our
church, speak to them about Christ, they will have questions because of the New
Testament that was already sent to them."

Although it is impossible to run such
a project in perfect safety for persecuted Christians, Bibles Unbound strives
to provide the New Testaments in the safest manner possible. Since the Bibles arrive in the mail
anonymously, recipients can honestly state that they did not request the Bible
and don't know who or where it came from.

For each donation of $30.00 per
month, Bibles Unbound will send you a package of five Bible mailings and
everything you need to participate in the program. You can choose which operation to send Bibles
for, or you can allow Bibles Unbound to choose one for you. 

65,435 people are waiting today
to receive a Bible. For only $6.00
per Bible, you can help them grow in their faith and spread the Gospel.

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