1,000 pastors gather in Africa

By April 11, 2012

Africa (MNN) — Global Advance is excited about the month of April. They hope to have Kingdom impact this month.

Jonathan Shibley with Global Advance says, "We've got three teams headed to Senegal, Cameroon, and Kenya Africa this week."

It's not a small effort. Shibley says, "We've got a chance to equip over 1,000 pastoral leaders from numerous denominations that will come together to fulfill the Great Commission — to take the Gospel to the unreached and to be a solution provider to the problems that plague their nations."

This is all indigenous pastoral training. Shibley says, "Who better than the boots on the ground in these countries to address the issue of poverty and human trafficking and these types of things."

Global Advance is working with people who are already leaders. Shibley says his ministry will be "equipping them with practical tools and helps, putting vision in their hearts, putting tools in their hands to take the Gospel forward to reach the unreached, planting new churches among the unreached, and being salt and light within the community itself."

The goal is to help pastors who are thirsty spiritually. "So many of them get weighed down with the burdens of life and just living within a broken infrastructure and culture. So we want to go breathe life back into them so they can raise up and multiply other leaders who are going to take the Gospel forward."

While Kenya has received a lot of attention over the decades, Shibley says, "It is important to continue to keep Kenya stable for the sake of sub-Saharan Africa because it really is [true that] as Kenya goes, so goes the rest of Africa."

Shibley has been excited to see Kenyan believers focus on reaching out to Somalia.

You can be actively involved in seeing God at work by sponsoring a Frontline Shepherd. "It generally costs about $50 per leader to help equip and train them to bring them in for a week. That's not a bad return when a lot of these people will actually go and get a vision, and follow through and plant a new church in the next year."

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