100,000 Chinese and English New Testaments to be distributed

By August 21, 2009

China (MNN) — Throughout the month of July, violence and
natural disasters have riddled Chinese news headlines. Riots in the Xinjiang
region left 192 dead as Muslim Uighur protests became violent against Han
Chinese. Then, a devastating earthquake in southwest China claimed 300 lives and destroyed 10,000 homes, though the magnitude and
destruction were not nearly as horrific as last summer's earthquake near Chengdu.

While many in China reel from each event hitting their
country, now more than ever they need the hope of Christ. Each event has
set the stage for God to move.

That's why the World Bible Translation Center wants to distribute
around 100,000 Easy-to-Read Chinese Bibles in China this next year. They'll be able to do it with the help of a new partner who will help them move the Bibles into China through a series of smaller, legal shipments.

Among the Bibles, WBTC hopes to create a new printed
version, using new Chinese characters. From there,
they hope to deliver 25,000 copies of those Bibles to Hong Kong.

They also hope to develop a Chinese/English New Testament
and also deliver 25,000 copies of these New Testaments to Hong Kong.

Finally, they hope to print and deliver 50,000 of their "Life
of Jesus" books. These books are a collection of selected passages from the four Gospel. The passages have been re-written in story form for easier understanding and reading.

For WBTC to reach this goal, they need to raise $25,000.
However, they can't do it without you. Please consider donating to WTBC to go
towards them handing out 100,000 Easy-to-Read Chinese Bibles. Click here to

Pray for the Chinese believers to get the chance to read the Word of God and
in turn grow and share the hope of Christ with non-believers around them.


  • Larry Paulus says:

    Nearly 5 years ago, you planned to produce a Chinese English NT. Is that now available? Which English version did you use? I am interested in a few copies of a suitable edition – about 15. What is the cost? Do you have a supply in Hong Kong? Thank you.

  • Greetings. My husband and I are reaching the Chinese community in Hurstville Sydney Australia connectchurchaustralia connectchurchsydney and need about 100 NT in English and Mandarin. Is there a local distributor here you are aware of? We also need discipleship resources with English and Mandarin side by side. We are both AOG (ACC) ministers since early 80’s.

  • We are teaching the English language to chines adults students and would be interested in receiving side by side English/Mandarin as well as English/Korean of the new testament. We have about 40 students and would like to distribute them. Would you be able to help us?

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