100,000 Christians to sign manifesto

By May 27, 2014
"I Refuse" Manifesto.
Reach Beyond President Wayne Pederson.

Reach Beyond President Wayne Pederson.

USA (MNN/RB) — A Christian media and healthcare ministry is wondering if you’ll be a part of the 100,000 strong to join their “I Refuse” campaign.

Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) is launching its “I Refuse” campaign with a free download of ministry President Wayne Pederson’s new book, “Reach Beyond: Comfort, Courage, and the Cause of Christ,” for those who sign its manifesto at www.reachbeyond.org/manifesto.

This is more than a free book campaign: it’s about lost people in unreached areas of the world.

The Reach Beyond Manifesto, like the campaign, encourages Christians to leverage their time, talents, resources, and partnerships to help the unreached come to Christ.

The manifesto was developed as a way to spark a new movement of believers who are willing to earnestly use the tools God has given them to penetrate areas of the world where only 2% of the people know Jesus.

The ministry hopes to have 100,000 Christians sign the manifesto by the end of 2014. A video encouraging believers to commit to the effort is available at www.reachbeyond.org/manifesto.

“As Christians, we must refuse to fear the darkness, refuse to watch others suffer, and refuse to stand idly by as people enter eternity without Christ,” says Wayne Pederson, president and CEO of Reach Beyond. “The goal of this campaign is to reaffirm what Christ has called us to do and reinforce that with the tangible support for our brothers and sisters in the most-unreached areas of the globe, God’s grace we can bring God’s message of love to these people.”

Reach Beyond’s “I Refuse” campaign and manifesto are underscored by decades of work around the globe that is charted in the ministry’s new book. Through its media and healthcare ministries, Reach Beyond is active in more than 100 countries, where thousands have met Christ and have been trained to communicate the Gospel in their spheres of influence.

“The words you read in this book are just like yesterday and all about tomorrow,” said Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. “Continuing the creativity started at HCJB in 1931, this is a bold new venture of creativity into the 21st century. It is doing whatever needs to be done to ‘reach beyond’ old methods and become effective in our new generation.”

In addition to sharing the ministry’s story leading up to the launch of the manifesto and how it was developed, Reach Beyond: Comfort, Courage and the Cause of Christ also provides guidance and perspective on answering God’s call. It charges Christians to earnestly seek God’s will and call, studiously read God’s Word, actively listen for God’s voice, open their eyes and see the world, and allow God to break their hearts.

“Many of us, like the first disciples, had no idea what we were getting into when we accepted the call to follow Jesus,” said Pederson. “We believe this campaign and new book will inspire Christians who are struggling with discovering their calling, responding to God’s call, or meeting opposition every step of the way in pursuance of their call.”

What could happen if 100,000 Christians were recruited? “If we could get 100,000 more people who were more passionate about sharing Christ with their neighbors, even, then expand that to the global vision, then we could change the world. Just think what 12 men did 2,000 years ago to change the world,” says Pederson.

To participate in the “I Refuse” campaign, sign the Reach Beyond Manifesto and receive a free download of Reach Beyond: Comfort, Courage and the Cause of Christ, visit http://www.reachbeyond.org/manifesto.

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