100,000 Middle Eastern youth to receive Scripture

By June 15, 2012

Middle East (MNN) — God is using mobile phones to help disciple young people in the Middle East, and Biblica is giving you an opportunity to help.

Biblica tells us a story about Haji. In high school, he obtained a Bible. When his parents discovered it, they took it away and reprimanded him. By then, however, he'd read most of the New Testament.

Haji believed God's Word and received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

At university, Haji met a few believers. They rarely met as a group — it was too dangerous.

Then he heard about Biblica's Teens for Christ Discipleship program. Using his cell phone, Haji now accesses daily Bible readings and devotionals and joined an online youth group. Biblica's creative program gives him safe ways to deepen his faith and grow spiritually.

Biblica partners with Middle Eastern churches to help today's teens grow into tomorrow's Christian leaders. Teens for Christ Discipleship provides 365 days of Bible studies and group support through mobile applications, online, and in print.

For only $6, you can provide one teen with Yalla Bina discipleship. Because of a generous matching grant, your investment will double, reaching twice as many young people for Christ.

Your gift to disciple youth can transform the Middle East. Click here to help.


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