107 killed in Equatorial Guinea explosion

By March 17, 2021

Equatorial Guinea (MNN) — A massive explosion has killed at least 107 in the Central African country Equatorial Guinea. Hundreds more remain hospitalized or displaced.

The explosion decimated a military base, most likely due to the unsafe storing of explosives. The disaster draws parallels to the Beirut blast last summer, also caused by unsafe chemical storage.

Chris Ruge with Prayercast explains why this explosion hasn’t received the same attention. “There was so much cell phone footage of the blast in Beirut because the fire was already in place in Beirut. And so many people were filming when the explosion happened. Another reason is certainly that Beirut is a much larger and more internationally known city than where this happened in Equatorial Guinea. But then I think we also have some bias. We tend to not notice things that happen in Sub-Saharan Africa as much as we do in other parts of the world.”

How to pray

As governments assess the needs of those affected by the explosion, Ruge says the most important thing we can do is pray. And that is why Prayercast exists. “Join with our brothers and sisters. That’s the critical component of all of this. We are one Church. There is one Lord and one God, one Savior of all mankind, and one Spirit. And there is one Church. We are united around the world as followers of Jesus.”

Pray the Church in Equatorial Guinea would reflect the love and character of Jesus. And pray the Holy Spirit would move in mighty ways after this disaster.



Header photo courtesy of jorono from Pixabay.

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