11-11-11 a momentous day for Truth

By November 10, 2011

USA (MNN) — Veteran's Day is
an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans.

Faith Comes By Hearing is
observing it this year with a unique venture. Since Veteran's Day falls on 11-11-11, the ministry decided to launch a Military
Biblestick project as a way for Americans to support soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines with the Word of God in audio.

Jon Wilke, a military veteran
and spokesman for the ministry's project, says, "I can't think of a
more honorable cause than to help those who volunteered to sacrifice their time
away from their families, and even their lives, by providing the Word of God in
a form that they can use and receive."

Faith Comes By Hearing has freely given more
than 143,000 BibleSticks to requesting chaplains since 2008. And they need help keeping up, says Wilke. "Demand
has really been escalating. We at Faith Comes By Hearing receive about 2000 requests in a single week from chaplains. It doesn't stop. It's been
going on for four years. Every year the
demand has doubled from the year before."

The pocket-sized, digital
audio device contains a word-for-word dramatized version of the New Testament. Chaplains make them available to troops, and,
Wilke notes, "The chaplains tell us
that the military BibleSticks are the most requested items that they've ever
seen. There's a spiritual hunger in our
military right now that's being fulfilled by the Word of God."

That's due, in part, to the
nature of the job a soldier has. Many
come face-to-face with their mortality in the war zones. Wilke says, "We're talking about providing
the Word of God in a format that they're going to use when they have some of
the most difficult and pressing questions that they face in life. 'What's going to happen to me when I die?' 'What
happened to my friend?' 'Who is Jesus?' And, 'Is this Bible real?' Soldiers have all of these spiritual questions that
come along when they go on these deployments and face some of these difficult

This Friday, more than 200
Christian radio stations will participate in letting their listeners know about
the Military BibleStick and the great demand for it by chaplains and troops. "We've
asked Christian radio stations across the country to join Faith Comes By
Hearing to make sure that we can fulfill
this backorder that we have. There are troops that are waiting months,
sometimes, to get the BibleSticks once they ask their chaplain."

The impact is far-reaching. Wilke
explains that "for a gift of $25, listeners provide a BibleStick, a
disc for people in the unit, and (one)
for the people at home."

On the TV side, Faith Comes
By Hearing has produced a broadcast-quality, half-hour special that details the
project and talks about how this small audio device is making a big impact on
this generation of soldiers. More than 30 stations have agreed to air the
program on Veterans Day or over the holiday weekend.

Continuing the ministry
tradition of working closely with churches nationwide, FCBH reports
that over 900 churches will be presenting the Military BibleStick project to
their congregations throughout the month of November.

Click here if you want to
help provide Scripture to the troops and their families.

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