110 farmers massacred in Nigeria

By December 3, 2020

Nigeria (MNN) — Last Saturday, in a rural part of northeastern Nigeria, several armed men riding motorcycles descended on farmers working in their fields. The resulting attack left at least 110 people dead and wounded many others.

Todd Nettleton, host of Voice of the Martyrs Radio, says, “There are also believed to have been some people who were [taken captive] in the attacks. What we don’t know for sure is exactly who perpetrated the attack. There are two groups active in that part of Nigeria. One is Boko Haram, which is one we’re all at least somewhat familiar with. The other is the Islamic State West Africa Province, or ISWAP. That one people are less familiar with. And right now, it’s not 100% clear exactly who the attackers were.”

Violence towards Nigerian Christians

Both of these groups hold heavy animosity towards Christians in Nigeria and beyond. Nettleton explains. “Both of these groups want to establish a caliphate – an Islamic area that would be governed by Sharia law. It would be, in their mind, heaven on earth because everyone would be a Muslim. Everyone would follow Islamic law the way they interpret it.”

Christians don’t follow the Muslim law, so these militants see them as getting in the way of a perfect utopia. Nettleton says that’s why they so often resort to violence against Christians specifically.

Pray that these militants will realize their violent actions will not bring about any kind of ideal society. Pray also that God would comfort the families of this attack’s victims. Finally, pray that God would grant peace and hope to Christians across Nigeria.



Header photo courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs USA.