13th annual ministry conference this week goes Greek.

By February 14, 2007

(MNN) — There are more than 750-thousand American college students involved in
the University Greek System. 

Fraternities and sororities are most commonly known as social organizations
for higher education students.  Many  of those connections follow the
student into post-graduate life and into a professional career.  Many were
originally founded on dedication to principles such as community service, sound
learning, and leadership qualities, though some have become purely

It's that social angle that led to the stereo-type that plagues many of the
fraternities and sororities.  They are often depicted as populated by
over-indulging young people.  Frequently, as they grapple with their
upbringing and newfound social freedoms, many reject religion.

Yet, para-church ministries are reaching a
minority of them.  To that end, fraternity and sorority students will be
meeting this week for the 13th annual InterVarsity Greek Conference
in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference begins
February 16th and runs through the 18th.

 It's a place where students discuss real-life issues and ministry
action on U-S college campuses.  Even more important, it provides training
for students who want to do ministry in their Greek system on their campus, as
well as a place where they can invite their friends to hear the Gospel.

In addition to the Charlotte, North Carolina event, InterVarsity holds conferences in Los Angeles, California,
and just wrapped up the Indianapolis,
Indiana meetings.  There are
hopes to expand their conferences into other areas.  If you'd like more
information on InterVarsity's Greek Ministry or the Greek Conference schedule,
click here .

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