16 Colombian natives kidnapped

By November 24, 2009

Colombia (MNN) — Sixteen members of Colombia's Kogui tribe
were recently kidnapped in an attempt to force them to recant their
Christianity, says Voice of the Martyrs Canada. Currently held in a remote
location, these believers won't be released until they renounce their faith in

Consisting of men, women and infants, the group was captured
during a community meeting summoned by the Kogui governor. Believers were taken
prisoner by the governor and his followers; community leaders shouted insults
at the Christians throughout the night. Non-Christian leaders who supported the
imprisoned believers were shamed.

The governor intends to eradicate the Christian faith from
Kogui members through imprisonment and forced denial of the faith. The world's highest coastal range, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is home to the Kogui
people, and Kogui Christians number around 120 of the entire 11,000-member

Reportedly, two of the kidnapped infants have fallen
seriously ill. Pray for their recovery and for the immediate release of
these believers.

VOMC says the largest inhibitors of religious freedom in
Columbia are guerrilla and criminal groups. They target Christian leaders who
actively oppose corruption and the drug trade. Pastors and youth leaders also
fall under opposition because they influence Colombia's youth, making it
difficult for Marxist and paramilitary groups to recruit them.

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