Lebanon plans to repatriate thousands of Syrian refugees

By July 20, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanese officials have a plan to send 15,000 refugees back to Syria every month. They blame the presence of the refugees for Lebanon’s economic woes. The move will begin in about six months.


The UN and rights groups oppose the move, saying involuntary repatriation puts the refugees at risk.

Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says, “The reality is that Syrian refugees don’t want to go back. They are not sure that they will actually not be taken to prison. There is no assurance that they will not be taken to prison, forced to join the army, or anything like that.”

The Lebanese minister of refugees will go to Syria and oversee infrastructure for the returning refugees. But many refugees doubt the infrastructure will actually be ready for them.


TM Lebanon has begun preparing refugees for the return. Nuna says, “Even our teachers are saying, ‘We’re going to train you to go back and open your own little education centers to your own neighborhoods and your own surroundings. You have so many skills now. We have trained you so much. Maybe now we can train you how to actually start something.'”

“We’re trying to push them to become a solution for their country.”

TM Lebanon will continue communicating with the refugees and helping them, even once they return to Syria, Nuna says. “We’re not leaving them. We will still be with them.”

Ask God to give the TM Lebanon staff wisdom as they navigate this difficult and ever-changing situation. Nuna says, “We have to discern if this is good or not good. Is this just a political game? What is it?”

Also, ask God to comfort and strengthen the refugees.



Header photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon on Facebook.

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