200 kids in need; could you be a sponsor?

By October 1, 2019

USA (MNN) – AMG International supports vulnerable children around the world. Right now, 200 of those children don’t have sponsors.


These 200 kids are in AMG programs across the globe and range from ages 5 to 13. Each child has a different circumstance and level of need. Sponsorship can fund medical treatment, education, food, and access to the gospel message.

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The nursing school operates in conjunction with AMG’s Hope Medical Center. (Photo courtesy AMG International)

“We want to create a long relationship with the sponsor and the sponsored child,” says Bethany Dameron of AMG International.

“Our tagline is to inspire hope and change your future. And we want to do that not just for the kids that we’re sponsoring, but also those that ARE sponsoring as well.”

For those interested in lending one of these children a hand, AMG is featuring all 200 kids on their website in a push to get them sponsored. Some of the kids have been on the website for some time without a sponsor, while others are new additions.

“We’ve reached out to the field and asked for kids that further information so we can post them on the website for this particular event.”

Sofia’s Story

AMG International, sponsorship, children, treatment

Sofia poses for a photo (Photo courtesy of AMG International)

AMG sponsors have been supporting kids for years. One of many success stories, 14-year-old Sofia survived a major heart condition and surgery thanks to AMG. AMG was able to get her the treatment she needed for a hole in the upper chamber of her heart.

“We found a special donor who was also able to help support the surgery, and now she’s healthier than ever. And she’s doing well she’s still in the program in the Philippines and doing well in school…The big thing about that is she would have never been in contact with these people that helped save her life had she not been sponsored through the program. And we have dozens of kids like that and stories like that…because they’re in this program. They’re able to be met not just spiritually, but also their physical needs as well, to help either save their life like Sofia or just provide for a better life in general,” Dameron says.

For kids like Sofia, sponsorship through AMG is a life-changing and sometimes life-saving opportunity. Read Sofia’s full story here.

How to Get Involved

An obvious way to help support these 200 kids is to become a sponsor yourself, but there are other ways to chip in. For those near the Chattanooga area, AMG is holding its inaugural Day of Sharing event to sponsor the 200 children. Set for October 5, the fundraiser and fall festival will include events for the family. Locals can enjoy live music, not to mention a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and free lunch. Learn more here.

For the many readers not in the area, sign up online to sponsor a child and stay in touch with AMG via social media. Your story could inspire someone else.

Pray for the kids and their future success and that they are able to develop relationships with their sponsors. Ask that all 200 children will find sponsors and those who are moved to support them will heed that call. Consider what part God wants you to play in meeting this need.



Header photo courtesy of AMG International

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