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Published on 18 June, 2010

2000 kilometers for 2000 languages still without the Bible

Australia (MNN) — Did you know there are 2000 languages
around the world still without Bible translations? And these languages represent
350 million people.

Australians Dave, Carnsey and Sav have polled over 1400
people, asking them this question, and 66 percent of respondents did not know there
is still that much translation work to be done globally.

So, the three mates want to do something to raise awareness
and support for the work yet to be completed. Beginning August 25 and continuing
for 80 days until November 11, the trio is partnering with Operation
and Wycliffe Bible Translators for The 2000 Walk. They will
walk 2000 km (1242.7 mi) — one kilometer for every language.

Calculating for rest days, the three will walk an average of
30 km (18.6 mi) each day, with evening meetings at local churches and town
halls every other day.

While Dave, Carnsey and Sav realize the Walk will be a long,
strenuous journey, they know the same is true of the translation still to be
done. Sav said, "It doesn't seem fair that we have not only one but dozens of t
versions of the Bible in English. Yet there are millions of people in the world,
representing 2000 distinct languages, who don't have a single verse of God's
Word in a language they can understand."

Visit to follow the progress of Dave, Carnsey and Sav. There, you can also prayerfully adopt a language or donate to a
specific project.

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