2005 Global Partners Summit to launch a new missions initiative.

By January 10, 2005

Africa (MNN)–The 2005 Global Partners Summit is right around the corner.

The missions conference, slated for January 21rst-23rd, will introduce 'Africa Quest', says organizer Todd Szalkowski. "The Quest itself is a three-year initiative designed to equip, evangelize and establish churches in six eastern African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda."

Global Partners include Evangecube, Global Missions Fellowship and Goleaders-dot-net. Why Africa? "We've heard a lot about AIDS, and war and the devastating impact those are having on African people, but, you may not have heard about the advancement of Islam in Africa. Oil-rich Arab nations are investing hundreds of billions of dollars toward Muslim evangelism. Eastern Africa has become the frontlines."

Keynote speakers, Steve Steele and Ngwiza Mnkandla, the current and former presidents of DAWN Ministries, will enlighten conference goers to the current state of world missions and then motivate them all to partner in advancing the reign of Jesus Christ into every domain of life.

For details, go to: www.africaquest.org.

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