222 Ministries becomes Transform Iran

By December 29, 2022

Iran (MNN) — You may associate Iran with persecution, and rightly so. But did you know the Lord is doing amazing things here, too?

“Iran has the fastest-growing Church in the world,” CEO Lana Silk says.

“This is a country that God has His eye on.”

Silk is the U.S.-based CEO of a group formerly known as 222 Ministries. Established in 1991, the group based its name on 2 Timothy 2:2, “which is a discipleship verse,” Silk says.

“We have a strong foundation of discipleship and leadership development. That is the bedrock of what we do.”

While noble, the name ‘222 Ministries’ also creates some confusion. “It’s difficult for people to understand what that is about, and it’s difficult for them to connect it to Iran,” Silk says.

“Earlier this year, God showed us a new name – Transform Iran – which we feel is a better representation of the whole picture of what we do.”

Formerly known as 222 Ministries, Transform Iran will continue what it has been doing for decades.
(Photo courtesy of Transform Iran)

Moving forward, Transform Iran will continue what it’s been doing for decades.

“We are purposefully and constantly training people, equipping people, resourcing them, and then envisioning them to do that for others,” Silk says.

Plus, supported by a partnership with unfoldingWord, Transform Iran added Bible translation to its portfolio. Learn more here.

“More than 50 percent of Iranians do not speak the national language, Farsi, in their home,” Silk says.

“Iran is made up of a beautiful tapestry of all sorts of ethnic minorities. Only four of these people groups have the Word of God in their language. [unfoldingWord] trained our team and got us onto the CCBT method, which we wholeheartedly agree with and love.”

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“The more people know what is going on in Iran and get involved, the better,” Silk says.



Header image courtesy of Transform Iran.

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