235 homes destroyed; 60 belong to believers

By March 29, 2010

India (MNN) — Over two thirds of the homes in a Northeast Indian village recently burned to the ground from one initial house fire.

The family that started the fire was making aluminum utensils in their home. When the house caught flame, the fire spread quickly to 235 of the 300 other hut-style homes, burning them to complete ruins.

60 of the homes destroyed belonged to Christians who attend the church of a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor. Gospel For Asia missionaries are doing what they can to help them rebuild their homes and to minister to all of the now homeless families.

GFA local correspondents ask for prayers that God will provide for those who have lost all they have in the fire. Pray also that the Christians who have suffered this loss would not lose faith, but would use this as an opportunity to be a light to others in the way they deal with tragedy and loss. Pray that this would open doors for the Gospel to be shared.

GFA rebuilds homes for those who have suffered this type of loss as the funds come in to do so. To rebuild a home in India for someone who has lost their own, click here.


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