24/7 worship music comes to Iranian radio

By December 13, 2023

Iran (MNN) — Persian World Radio is a station by Transform Iran that broadcasts its messages across Iran. The 24/7 station shares discussion, drama stories, testimonies, news, and Bible readings anywhere there is a radio in Iran.

Now, Transform Iran’s programming is growing. The new station Persian Worship Radio will broadcast 24/7 worship music. According to Lana Silk, “This is totally focused on worshiping our Lord and bringing the sounds of Iran, with all the right instruments, genres, or languages, and blasting out worship[…] right across the country. We know how powerful worship is in preparing the way for people to receive the Word, so we’re very excited to be able to offer this to Iranians up and down the country.”

Radio provides a unique avenue through which Transform Iran can offer hope and camaraderie. “Radio is extremely powerful because it is completely indiscriminate in terms of geographical location, education, literacy, or status in society,” Silk says. “Everyone has radio.”

And everyone has music. Music carries the characteristics and values of the culture that creates it, and Iran’s music is no different. “Iranians are extremely expressive and extremely connected with music and story in their cultures. So when you come in with their sounds, and that kind of music, and then suddenly that music is not Islamic, and it is Christian and it’s lifting the name of Jesus, it breaks down even more walls. It [creates] a heart connection with the Word of God.”

As this new project goes forward, Transform Iran needs your prayer. Pray for the safety of the team compiling music for the program or sourcing original pieces from local Iranians. Pray for their peace as they take on what could be a stressful new project. Pray for wisdom as they plan for the station’s future.

And pray for God to use this radio station to produce good fruit. “God is in this. We know the power of worship, we know the power of the Gospel, and as long as we are communicating that to the people of Iran, then the rest of the work is the Holy Spirit, and He’s so good at engaging the people Himself.”

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