2,500 students hear the Gospel

By September 10, 2008

South Africa (MNN) — Sammy Tippit was preparing for the Greek Marathon when something came about that he wasn't preparing for.

Through Sammy Tippit Ministries, he was traveling with two other pastors from Canada and Ukraine, speaking for Heart Cry conferences in South Africa. Tippit was invited by
Francois Carr, the director of Heart Cry-South Africa to help spark a prayer movement and revival in the leading churches in the country.

A pastor of one of the churches in which Tippit was speaking heard about Tippit's marathon training and asked the congregation if there was anyone from the local high school in attendance.

One of the students present said he would be willing to get permission for Tippit to run on the track. After the service, Tippit made plans with the student to go running at the track the next morning. But the student had a question: "If you are coming to run at our school, will you speak to the students before you run?"

Tippit wondered if that was even possible, and the student assured him it would be. He also said that the entire school would be in attendance if Tippit spoke.

At 7:30 AM that Monday morning, Tippit spoke to all 2500 students, and afterward he was able to pray with several who wanted to accept Christ. It gave his running a new meaning since it
was able to open new doors for Christ's sake.

Many churches were greatly impacted by the ministry of Tippit and Heart Cry, and people filled the altars seeking the face of God.  

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