$40 gives a Syrian family food and peace

By November 28, 2012

Syria (MNN) — Syrian war planes attacked militants on the ground in an effort to quell rebel advances in Damascus. These airstrikes continue to wreak havoc on Syrians who are caught in the crossfire of war with no hope in sight. That hopelessness is now leading to hunger and fear.

Global Aid Network (GAIN USA) is partnering with Josh McDowell Ministries to feed families through the Give Hope program. President of GAIN USA Rick Ragan says they're coming alongside Syrian Christians to help feed those in need. "When resources are not available, that's when things really get hard for these pastors and our partners to minister."

Ragan says encouragement is growing out of the hopelessness, evidenced by two questions. "Who are these people, and why are they doing this? And, my friend, that opens and amazing doors to share the Gospel."

Last week MNN made an appeal for funding for food. While many of you responded, the need is still great.

$40 helps provide funding for a whole family for a month. Ragan says that is a huge blessing to families who have no idea how they're going to survive today. "That's a twelfth of the year that you are now providing for. That by itself is just amazing to people who are living on a day-to-day basis."

Supporting GAIN's work in Syria will multiply itself. "If you help someone, they're going to tell others. People run back to their villages and they share how these total strangers came alongside and offered help and assistance."

Your support is giving physical and spiritual life to families in need, while providing fuel to Syrian Christians. Ragan says, "The reports we're getting back is that there is a strong undercurrent of believers who are lifting each other up in prayer and they are very committed to the Gospel. They are doing this, literally giving their lives up, if it were known."

If you'd like to help provide $40 to keep a family alive, click here.

Watch a video about their work here. http://youtu.be/pY8B0Ozserk

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