’40 Under 40′ Conference

By June 7, 2012

Ukraine (MNN) — Have you ever wanted to ask a question in church, but there just wasn't opportunity? Global Action held a one-day conference that allowed pastors to do just that as part of their 40 Under 40 ministry.

President of Global Action Phil Long says, "40 Under 40 is where we take 40 pastors under the age of 40, and we talk about things and subjects that usually they don't hear about in church."

Long says unity is just one question that's commonly discussed. "How do we deal with other denominations? Another subject they always ask about is how to raise funds, how to talk about money — finances. Another popular one is women in ministry."

At this conference, leadership was also addressed, says Long. "In a lot of countries like the Ukraine, servant leadership isn't something they learn naturally or are taught, especially in the church situation. One of the things that amazes them is how we come in as humble servants of God, and (they) immediately go back and exemplify as Christ did for us, a servant leader."

Long says you can help them several ways. "People can pray. Of course all these things take finances. We do take teams periodically during the year, and we would love to have people come with us."

Global Action needs volunteers to help with summer camps and building projects.

Global Action not only helps train pastors, but they also run Hope Center where they serve students, orphans, prostitutes, the health care industry, and more.

To get involved in Global Action's work, click here.

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