400 Nepali Christians suffer church bombing

By June 1, 2009

Nepal (MNN) — In Nepal last week, Friday marked the first Republic Day since the abolition of the 240-year-old monarchy last year. The new Prime Minister is forging ahead with the peace process, and President Ram Baran Yadav called for the strengthening of democracy.

While these are encouraging messages, 400 Christians are still on the waiting end for the religious freedom that democracy offers. According to a report from Voice of the Martyrs Canada, the 400 Christians were at Assumption Catholic Church in Kathmandu when a bomb exploded inside just over a week ago. 

One 15-year-old girl died immediately in the blast. Another 30-year-old woman was critically injured and died at the hospital. A pamphlet from the National Defense Army was later found at the church. They are a terrorist group who want the state religion restored to Hinduism. Until May of 2006, Nepal was the only country in the world whose official religion was Hindu.

Despite this tragedy, the Maoist government that was elected in April 2008 still offers Nepalese Christians hope for greater religious freedom.

Pray for the families of the two who were killed in the explosion as well as for people who are injured. Pray that they will continue to have patience and hope in their afflictions. 

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