5 new converts are baptized in Turkey

By June 16, 2004

Turkey (MNN)–IN Network reports that new believers are being baptized in Turkey. That’s in spite of the rise in open aggression against Christians and related ministries.

The situation may be further aggravated by the country’s drive for full membership in the European Union. That, in and of itself, has caused a spike in tensions between the country’s Christians and Muslims.

And yet, through the ministry of an IN Network church planter in Turkey, 5 new believers have been baptized. The church planter recently participated in a live television program about the re-use of a historic church where his church now meets.

Many in the area heard about the church and had questions. 25 people came to visit one of the Turkish house churches and were exposed to the Gospel.

IN Network connects Christian partners in the developed and developing world in evangelism, discipleship and community development. IN is convinced the most effective way to reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ is through Christians in their own countries. They continue to ask for prayer for their front-line partners.

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