50-hour prayer vigil begins tonight

By April 20, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Tensions between Israel and Lebanon reached an all-time high earlier this month. “We had some shooting going from Lebanon and coming into Lebanon,” Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says.

“People [were] killed in Israel and wounded here in Lebanon.”

Fear drove people to desperate measures. “People are trying to leave Lebanon like never before,” she says.

“You can see hundreds of people in front of any embassy [trying] to get out of Lebanon.”

War is the last thing Lebanon needs. It’s already a failed state. “The government of Lebanon doesn’t want the war, which is a good thing. But, at the same time, we cannot stop Hezbollah,” Nuna says.

“It’s Hezbollah who wants war; Iran wants war.”

Since Israel and Lebanon last exchanged rocket fire, pressure has lowered, but tensions simmer just below the surface. Believers in Lebanon are asking the Lord to intervene.

“We’ll stay at the prayer house and just plead with heaven. On Thursday night, the 20th of April, we start at 6 pm and go on [praying] night and day till Saturday evening,” Nuna says.

“I’m reminded of the Israelites when they were in bondage in Egypt. They cried to the Lord, and He heard their cries. We want to see this in Lebanon.”

Christians in Jordan and Iraq are praying, too. Will you join them? “We’re not an island; we have to tackle issues on a regional basis; we have to pray regionally,” Nuna says.

“It’s our unity that will make a difference. The prayer of unity in one voice, one heart, just asking for deliverance.”

Ask the Lord to move according to His will. “We’re trying to have a large invitation of people to join [in prayer] from different places, different denominations, so we can see a national cry arising,” Nuna says.




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