5,000 children in South Africa receive Bibles

By April 22, 2008

South Africa (MNN) — Ninety percent
of the children attending Worldwide Christian Schools' partner schools in
Africa will graduate without ever opening a Bible.

Worldwide's Dale Dieleman asks,
"What would my faith be like without access to a Bible?  That's how important this program is!"

Worldwide responded by launching
the "My Own Bible" fund program–a
three-way collaboration with an international family of partners in Christian
education. The goal of the fund is to provide every child in a WWCS
partner school with a Bible, beginning in Africa.

Dieleman says children go through
Bible study courses, and upon graduation, earn a Bible.   "These are personal Bibles that the
children take home. And we've found that in more than 99-percent of cases,
it becomes the only Bible in the house."

$5 puts a Bible into a child's
hands. "We started in South Africa,
and we're branching out to other countries in the African continent, and then
the world. We're really still in the
pilot or introductory phase of this because we started in 2006. Over 5000 children have gone through the
course just in South Africa, involving more than 20 schools."

An individual donor can choose to purchase one Bible for a student, or
increase his or her impact by purchasing Bibles for an entire school. The My
Own Bible Fund could also be used as an end-of-the-year giving program for
Sunday schools, youth groups, and Christian school classrooms. Click
here for details on how you can help.

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