5,000 volunteers to help package aid for distribution in 32 countries

By October 12, 2010

USA (MNN) — Time and time again, we hear reports on ministries distributing aid in the name of Christ. Seldom, however, do we hear about the work that goes on behind the scenes to get thousands of aid packages to starving and hurting people around the world.

Yesterday Global Aid Network began their one week packing extravaganza, in which volunteers help to pack crates to send overseas. "We have to get seeds, food, clothing, medical supplies, all packaged up and ready to clear customs," says GAiN USA's Scott Hendricks.

Throughout the packing week, which ends this Saturday, October 16, 5,000 volunteers will gather to help in the efforts. Volunteers include a range of full-time volunteers, classes, entire schools, youth groups, boy scout troops, and others who simply want to be a part of the great work Christ is doing through GAiN USA.

Volunteerism is exceedingly important in this effort. If 5,000 people did not serve this ministry by giving of some of their time, this project would take weeks to do. Volunteers know, though, that as they help box things up in the Pennsylvania warehouse, they are doing more than just putting boxes in a crate. They are helping to impact hundreds of thousands of people with the love of Christ.

"We want to touch people in a physical way, by giving some shoes, some clothing, some food–giving them some hope–and then impact them in a spiritual way," explains Hendricks. "Many times we go into a village and one week we can give them some food, maybe a couple of weeks later we can give them some shoes, or we can teach them how to plant seeds. [Throughout] the many times, we share about Jesus Christ with them and they begin to see that we are loving them."

This message, along with plenty of aid, is distributed to countries across the globe. "We will send [packages] into 32 different countries. We team up with Campus Crusade for Christ, and it goes into the areas where they know the most need is, like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gambia, Guatemala, Haiti and also countries like Tajikistan," says Hendricks.

GAiN USA's work in aid distribution has supported the survival of many people and has introduced them to their Savior. It's easy to see why volunteers jump at the opportunity to be a part of such a legacy.

If this sort of service appeals to you, there is still time to get involved. The GAiN USA Distribution Center is in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania and is still accepting volunteers for this week. Click here to contact GAiN USA or to learn more about when you can get involved. If you missed your chance for this week, try serving with GAiN USA next June when they do another packaging week.


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