50,000 Bibles released to Chinese churches in Moscow

By November 3, 2022

China (MNN) — Bibles for China planned to distribute Bibles along the border between Russia and China. They even printed 50,000 Bibles and shipped them to Moscow.

Kurt Rovenstine says, “Our goal was to distribute Bibles along the China-Russia border on the Russian side to Chinese who did business in China. We hoped that some scripture might find its way into those folks’ homes within China.”


Then, Russia invaded Ukraine. Distribution in other parts of Russia became impossible. Bibles for China’s main contact in Russia fled to avoid conscription into the invasion force. Rovenstine says, “We were holding on to the hope that we could go and complete the project as it was designed. But we recently decided that the best course of action is not to keep Bibles in a warehouse. That doesn’t make any sense.”

So instead, they released the Bibles to Chinese churches around the Moscow area for use in training and evangelism.

Bibles for China hasn’t given up on the original idea. They still want to send Bibles to Chinese nationals living abroad. Rovenstine says, “That’s one of the things that in our future we’re considering: little projects in countries around the world where there are these large populations of Chinese, and giving them Bibles.”

“The intention is they go back into China, leave their Bible with family and friends, and come back to receive another one.”

Ask God to give Bibles for China wisdom as they plan these projects. Pray these Bibles would strengthen Chinese churches.

God continues to work, despite not everything going to plan, Rovenstine says. “I often think as Americans, we put together a plan that in our mind is flawless. And all of a sudden, we hit a hiccup along the way. We can forget that God can work amid any scenario.”



The header photo shows Moscow at night. (Photo courtesy of Эдуард Ризванов from Pixabay)

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