60 Guatemalan children die in COVID-19 surge

By July 19, 2021

Guatemala (MNN) — Guatemala has tightened restrictions on gatherings in reaction to a new COVID-19 surge. Brian Dennett of AMG international says, “Almost the entire country is now listed as being in a red level of COVID-19. Hospitals are at their maximum. One very disturbing statistic is that in just the last several weeks, they’ve had 60 children die.”

Guatemala has one of the worst COVID-19 situations in the Western Hemisphere. Only five percent of the population has been vaccinated against the virus.

Harsh crackdown on protests

Guatemalans have been protesting against the government’s response, but the president of Guatemala cracked down last week. Dennett says, “The president of Guatemala pronounced that the entire country was now in a state of emergency, or like martial law. And that due to this state of emergency, any protesters would be sent immediately to prison. Our leader there actually said he felt as though they were no longer a democracy.”

AMG works in 35 different Guatemalan communities to provide food and healthcare. Ask God to encourage the Christians there, and pray their love would lead many to Jesus. You can also contribute to this work at amghelp.org.



(Photo courtesy of codyvanscyoc from Pixabay)

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