7.0 earthquake hits Philippines

By August 1, 2022

Philippines (MNN) — A 7.0 earthquake struck the Philippines’ most populous island of Luzon last Monday. More than 50 landslides killed at least five people and injured many more. Electricity has mostly been restored, but clean water remains a concern.

Bill Passons with AMG International says, “Some of the people that we do serve did have some damage to their houses, things like cracks in foundations. We are going to try to help some of our sponsor kids’ families with those things. But that was the extent of the damage that was done to any of the AMG ministries or the constituents that we serve.”

AMG in the Philippines

Passons recently returned from a trip to the Philippines, his first since the COVID-19 pandemic began. “To go back kind of see what God is doing was cool. We got to visit several of the projects, specifically some of the child and youth development programs.”

AMG works to provide for the needs of kids throughout the Philippines. For some, that might be access to nutritious food. For many, it means education. Passons says, “We’ve heard all over the world the effects of having disrupted classrooms. We’re seeing similar things in the Philippines. So we’re trying to continue just to walk alongside.”

“We make sure that we regularly are communicating the love of Christ, sharing the good news of the Gospel.”

Ask God to strengthen churches in the Philippines.

Passons says many people in the Philippines have a renewed interest in the Church after the pandemic and global financial uncertainty. “Some of the places where we’ve put our faith (maybe it’s in money, maybe it’s in our status, or maybe it’s in even governments to meet needs), we’ve realized that those things haven’t been as reliable as we thought.”



The header photo shows debris that had fallen on a car. (Photo courtesy of Philippine Information Agency from Abra, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) 

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