7.5 million people could be hearing Scriptures for the first time

By April 18, 2012

International (MNN) — For millions of people around the globe, illiteracy, inaccessibility, poverty or other obstacles bar them from reading the Scripture in their own language. Faith Comes By Hearing is working to change that, one audio recording at a time.

Faith Comes By Hearing recently added eight new language recordings to their catalog of Audio Scriptures. The new releases are: Chatino Nopala and Zapotec de Yaganiza in Mexico; Chin, Tiddim in Myanmar; Junikuin in Peru; Makassar in Indonesia; Mayoyao Ifugao in the Philippines; Minangkabau in Indonesia; and Nooni in Cameroon.

Combined, these eight languages represent more than 7.5 million people that now have an Audio Bible available in their heart language. These recordings are possible because of the dedicated translation work of Faith Comes By Hearing partners around the world.

With these recordings in two, the Faith Comes By Hearing catalog now features a total of 640 languages. Spoken in more than 185 countries, these recordings represent a potential outreach to more than 5 billion people.

These recordings make it easy for people to hear the Gospel, and access is easier now that Faith Comes By Hearing offers free Audio Bibles through streaming, podcasts, and a Bible.is app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

For those areas that do not yet have regular access to the Internet or mobile devices, Faith Comes By Hearing continues to reach out by providing Audio New Testaments on solar-powered Proclaimers for listening groups. As of March 2012, more than 305,000 devices are proclaiming God's Word around the world.

The goal of FCBH is to provide Audio New Testaments in every translated language, making the fulfillment of the Great Commission a reality in this lifetime.

The average cost to record the New Testament in a heart language is $25,596, or $948 per book. Once recorded, the average cost to provide God's Word in audio for an entire village is $157. To help bring the Word of God to a community without it, click here.

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