72 Hours that Rocked the World

By April 15, 2011

USA (MNN) — For many, Easter is a time to gather with family, hunt for eggs (hoping someone has kept track of where all the eggs have been hidden), and enjoy large family gatherings around the dinner table or barbecue.

Easter Sunday is the last time friends and family members will pass through the doors of a church until Christmas. How can Easter this year be something different for them?

"72 Hours that Rocked the World" from
Ron Hutchcraft Ministries could be that difference. This booklet bridges the gap of family and cultural traditions with the reality of Easter: Jesus died and three days later proved to the world that only He has the power to conquer death.

For believers, the impact of the Resurrection of Christ is so profound, that it's all they can do not to share its importance with friends and family alike. "72 Hours that Rocked the World" provides, with everyday language, an easy way to share with your family, friends, and neighbors about this amazing life-changing experience.


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