800 million are hungry, Christians reach out

By October 15, 2013

USA (MNN) — Tomorrow is World Food Day. A day recognized around the world to fight world hunger. Why?

According to the United Nations, there are 800 million people who are suffering from chronic undernourishment. That’s approximately one in eight people around the global. Most of them live in underdeveloped places around the global like Africa or parts of Asia. But, what’s being done about it?

Food for the Hungry reflects the love of Christ through short-term emergency relief and FFH10-15-13HungerFundlong-term work to end world hunger. As they do, they talk to individuals about Christ. FH has been fighting world hungry for 43 years.

This year is no different, says the President of Food for the Hungry Keith Wright. That’s what their Annual Hunger Fund Campaign is all about. “The Hunger Fund Campaign is Food for the Hungry’s annual drive to fund projects that address issues of hunger around the world.”

This year FH is blessed. They’ve been awarded a matching grant, but not your typical dollar-for-dollar match. “We’re able leverage every dollar donated by 22-times,” Wright added.

Food for the Hungry isn’t only addressing physical hunger. Wright says, “But, also spiritual hunger. All of our work is really undergirded by a focus on biblical worldview, so that people aren’t just getting more to eat, but doing so in obedience for God’s call for them. It’s a great way to advance the kingdom.”

FH works in 18 countries, including South Sudan, says Wright. “Every year Food for the Hungry serves about a quarter million people in South Sudan, one of the neediest countries on the planet. We’re excited about the progress we are making there.”

Progress is also being made in Asia in the last ten years. FH reports hunger has decreased by 30 percent there. It has also decreased 24 percent in Latin America.

Wright says receiving grants is important, “We are also able to connect with the global community of believers who contribute their own resources to help take that further.”

If you’d like to help, go to http://www.fh.org.

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