A backpacker’s magazine helps spread the Gospel in Israel.

By March 9, 2006

Israel (MNN)–Operation Mobilization is using a 12-page, full color, glossy magazine to reach out to Israeli young people. 7,000 copies of the 4th edition of “Lo B Mikre”, (which means “Not By Chance”), will hit the streets this month.

Under the title of the magazine, there’s a banner that reads, ‘The alternative magazine for different life’. Fitting, as the audience for which this is meant is Israeli. To be an Israeli who believes in Yeshua is an alternative lifestyle, also requiring a different life.

Because it’s light and small, a magazine like this can be easily transported by the many backpackers in the region. Articles include personal testimonies, as well as comics about current topics like the DaVinci Code and the Santo Daime cult that is gaining popularity in Israel.

The magazine also has a Hebrew website www.lo-bemikre.co.il that has had about 4,500 hits so far. The site is advertised on a secular Israeli search engine so that if words like “Yeshua” and “Messianic Jews” are keyed in, people see the site’s URL as well as the ad.

The magazine is given out by the team, by local believers and distributed at new age festivals. It’s also an evangelistic tool for those who meet Israelis in India, Thailand and the USA.

Please pray for the continued effectiveness of this project.

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