A Bible translation group sees new leadership at the helm.

By May 20, 2005

International (MNN)–There’s new leadership at the helm of the World Bible Translation Center. Gary Bishop, formerly of Mission Aviation Fellowship, has served as WBTC’s vice president for development.

Last week, he was installed as the new president for the Center. Chief Executive Officer Dale Randolph says it was a natural fit, “…with his years of experience in working for corporations and as the president of a nonprofit ministry.”

Bishop says both he and his wife have carefully sought the Lord’s will in considering the call to join WBTC. He is eager to be on mission with God to get Bibles into the hands of the world’s people.

World Bible Translation Center exists to translate and distribute faithful, easy-to-understand translations of the Scriptures in the world’s major languages to lead people to Jesus and help believers grow in faith.

The Translation Center has completed 30 New Testaments and 13 Bibles since 1975. WBTC distributed over 3.4 million Scriptures during 2004, including 128,000 Bibles, 563,000 New Testaments, 2,174,000 Scripture portions and 586,000 Internet downloads in 28 languages.

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