A Bible translation ministry helps Uganda prepare for a future.

By December 28, 2006

Uganda (MNN)–Uganda can’t meet a self-imposed year-end deadline of clearing out refugee camps. Earlier this year, the government set a December 31 deadline for all Internall Displaced Peoples(IDPs) to vacate the camps that have been set up during the 20-year period of unrest caused by hostilities by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). However, continued insecurity in the war-torn region delays the peoples’ return home.

Not only that, but the infrastructure isn’t ready to withstand thousands of former child soldiers returning unschooled to civilian life. World Bible Translation Center’s Gary Bishop says the government asked them to help.

He says the First Lady, an outspoken Christian, appealed to them for help with their curriculum and text. “There is a provision in the law in the education department for Bible reading to take place everyday in school. They really needed the text, so WBTC had the great opportunity of providing a text for every teacher in Uganda.”

That translates to 283-thousand Easy-to-read Bibles. Bishop says it’s one of the biggest projects they’ve undertaken in the region. With that as a realtiy, it takes very little imagination to see what could happen next. “You could imagine a text for almost every school-aged child in Uganda, which could really be a big thing that God is doing in the country.”

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