A call for help answered

By August 12, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — At the end of May, Eva
DeHart with For Haiti With Love said their old cargo truck was dying. 

The truck serves many aspects of For Haiti's work, such as
hauling food and construction materials up a steep hill to the headquarters in
Cap Haitien.

It's getting too difficult and costly to repair the old truck, which could
continue transporting people for a little while longer if a new truck could be obtained to pull
the heavy loads. The organization could rent a truck, but this is becoming
more difficult to do. 

Effective ministry could not continue without a new truck, and  $6,000 was raised toward a replacement. However, thousands more was needed.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a Christian couple began praying about how they could help missions. "Mission Network News put out a story [about For Haiti's need for a truck], and it was heard by a couple selling
their house in British Colombia. When that couple had their house
closing, they found out the exact balance left, cut a check, and sent it [to For Haiti with Love]."

The ministry is thankful to be able to purchase a new vehicle very soon. One of the truck's first assignments likely will be to make the climb up the steep hill with a shipment of food. For Haiti has been waiting since the
beginning of the year for Haiti's customs system to let the food shipment into the
country. When the containers are released, they will need to be
transported up the mountain to For Haiti's headquarters and warehouse. 

The truck will also play a very practical role in construction.
During a construction project, DeHart said, "We're hauling lumber, we're
hauling cement, we're hauling gravel–all of the construction materials that
are necessary to make that happen."

The new truck will enhance For Haiti's efficiency and open many new doors for sharing the hope of Christ. DeHart adds, "Anything the truck does is representative of God helping the people of Haiti directly. They know that For
Haiti With Love=God is love. So anytime they see the truck now, it will be
doing something that is helping the poor people and showing them God's
physical presence in the country."

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