A call to prayer for a shaken Burma

By March 30, 2011

Burma (MNN) — On Friday, Gospel For Asia reported that 120 lives had been lost in Burma's March 24 earthquake. The Bangkok Post has since unveiled the news that 150 are now feared dead.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Burma as hard as the January 2010 quake struck Haiti. A region of Burma already notorious for difficult travel and poor communications options is now even more difficult to reach.

GFA has hundreds of workers across Burma, serving the Lord as pastors and Bridge of Hope center leaders. Due to the poor communications, however, GFA has been unable to contact any of their workers who may have been affected.

Nevertheless, GFA is responding. The ministry is sending in a Compassion Services team to deliver aid and relief as needed. The needs are sure to be significant as hundreds have been injured and thousands displaced.

GFA seeks prayers for Burma. The country has been hit with one natural disaster after another. In the last three years, Cyclone Nargis killed 100,000, a rat infestation destroyed uncountable amounts of crops, and another cyclone wreaked havoc last summer.

Pray for the people of Burma who have been worn down by this slew of disasters. Pray that they would be open to the Gospel–their one, true hope–in this time of distress.

Please pray also for the GFA missionaries' safety. Pray that they would be effective witnesses even in their sorrow and possible loss. Pray, too, for wisdom for the Compassion Services team as they determine what aid is needed and how to best distribute it.

You can help GFA in their efforts here.

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