A camp ministry in Spain is rebuilding after storm damage.

By September 8, 2003

Spain (GEM) — A hailstorm effectively destroyed a missionary camping facility in Spain.

The softball sized hail that pummeled the tent-based camp forced the 100 family campers and staff to cover the children and hide under tables and chairs for protection. As the storm lifted, people were grateful for their lives but the camp had been completely devastated.

All of the tents for housing and meeting were shredded, the swimming pool was filled with mud and many cars of the guests must be repaired before they can leave this week. We are grateful to God that only two were injured, and not severely. Finally, the balance of the camping season had to be canceled.

As the camp emerges from the storm, GEM officials clearly see the ability of the Lord to work in difficult circumstances. During the storm the staff was very calm, served everyone well, and that they began to see God answer prayers immediately. The community responded generously, including a local conference center that gave shelter and offered to house the guests for the remaining days of Family Camp at no charge. The Mayor and local people became very engaged and the main TV stations and newspapers provided helpful coverage, amazed at the positive attitudes of everyone at the camp.

GEM officials are seeing this as a time that God intends to use for eternal purposes, and to recognize that God has something in mind for each person and their relationship to Him. For example, in the days that have followed, the camp staff have had very significant conversations, including one with a father who realized that he had been more concerned about his car than his family. He was shocked about this and has decided to look carefully at his life priorities and relationship with God.

According to Ted Noble, ” We expect that the cost to repair will be well over $100,000. Though we have tried to insure the property in the past, we have not been able to find a willing company. The sad thing is that the Camp director was gearing his efforts to raise money for new programs and camp capacity, not repairing the existing facility.”

GEM official are appealing to Christians for help. Please preference your gift for “Spanish Camp” account #058701.

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