A celebration for vulnerable children

By November 12, 2015
(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries via Facebook)

Africa (MNN) — For vulnerable children, there’s very little to look forward to Christmas at Christmas.

“We have over 400 kids in our sponsorship program. Honestly, every one of them has a difficult life,” says Mark Luckey with Every Child Ministries (ECM).

“We do what we can all year to help them. But there’s nothing harder for kids to go through than the Christmas season without being able to celebrate.”

For that reason, ECM raises funds each year to host a Christmas party, called Adore Him, in several different countries of Africa. It gives kids a chance to have a celebration of their own.

“Every one of our sponsored kids and our staff can enjoy a Christmas party and receive a simple gift, maybe a blanket, a dress, or a shirt.”

In some cases, lives have been changed by God through ECM.

“One of the stories that comes to mind in particular is a little girl by the name of Jessica…an albino child.” In African countries, albino children are outcasts. They are seen as threats or curses. Luckey shares fathers may go as far as abandoning the mother and child.

Jessica was five years old but had hardly ever been outside. She couldn’t walk, or read, and rarely talked. After hearing her story, ECM helped educate her family and paid for physical therapy. Now, a year later, Jessica is walking, talking, and becoming more educated.

“That’s the kind of children that we reach out to at Every Child Ministries: those that are particularly vulnerable, marginalized by society, and really need someone to step in and be their voice and rescue them.”

There are two goals for kids at the parties: have fun celebrating, and learn about Jesus.

“We tell them the story of the baby Jesus and His arrival on earth. And you can only imagine how big the smiles are and how loud the laughs are.” Luckey adds, “joy during the Christmas season, but a relationship with Jesus that lasts for a lifetime.”

This season, give kids a celebration, and introduce them to Christ. ECM has a goal of raising $10,000. With your help, that goal can be accomplished.

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